By Abbey Snow


Mesquite Works held its fourth job fair at the Rising Star Sports Ranch last week, where employers were available for potential future employees to meet and learn about their job openings.

Maggie Calhoun is a VISTA Volunteer for Mesquite Works and this year’s Job Fair chairwoman. There were 12 volunteers from Mesquite Works at the job fair to be present at their booth. They also visit with guests, answer questions, and explain what Mesquite Works does, said Calhoun.

“Mesquite Works’ focus is to help bring together the employers and jobseekers through education and training,” Calhoun said. “With job fairs, we can provide a professional setting where employers can meet many jobseekers, screen applicants, accept applications and get it done efficiently in a four- hour time frame.”

Mesquite Works Chairman George Gault was at a greeting booth at the entrance of the fair.

Mesquite Works has been in operation since January 2017 and serves the communities ranging from Beaver Dam down to Moapa Valley. The motivation to start Mesquite Works initially came from Mesquite Regional Business. Because they were successful in bringing some businesses into town, they needed to offer training programs for those companies. One company, the REV Recreation Group, finalized their decision to build an RV repair facility in Mesquite contingent that Mesquite Regional Business would create a customized training program for their employees. This push is what helped for Mesquite Works, said Gault.

“We offer help with resumes, interview skills, appropriate dress for work, general preparation and information about the Job Force world,” Calhoun said. “We gather information from the participating businesses which we share with jobseekers as a way for them to prepare for and select jobs for which they feel qualified for or aspire to obtain.”

Reyna Salazar was with her sister, Cynthia Salazar, at the fair applying for work. She said it was the first job fair she has attended and was filling out applications with a few different companies that were present at the job fair.

“I am currently working at the Virgin River Buffet,” she said. “I have been working in Mesquite since I was a senior at the high school here a couple years ago. I am hoping to find something that is a little more in the areas I am interested in so I can advance my skills.”

Gault said when you combine those who went through the Mesquite Works office and those who attended the job fairs, about 180 people have been successfully hired using their services.

“I’m very pleased with the broad range of people with different skills, ages and needs who attended our November first Job Fair,” Calhoun said. “I’m looking forward to discovering how many people will be hired.  The volunteers at Mesquite Works can be proud of the results their combined efforts have produced.”

Mesquite Works is located in the Mesquite Plaza, Suite 102. The office is open Tuesday-Thursday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Contact phone is 702-613-0699 or visit