High power jobs have come a long way, especially where women are concerned…but what drives females to enter male dominated businesses… is it the pay scale, or the fact that women believe they can get the job done better? I have my own personal thoughts on this subject, and will share some views as to what has sparked controversies among different industries, including Hollywood and on the Sports Field, where many are now claiming sexual harassment on the job. Could it be possible that some women have crossed over the line of playfulness on the job, or flirting, causing behavioral changes in the workplace? Can all these countless complaints really be valid; I’m having serious thoughts that not all accusations are the truth (?)

Starting with the Weinstein case in Hollywood, there is no doubt in my mind that these actresses had encounters with this man and continued to work for his company, simply out of fear that it would ruin their careers; it’s unfortunate that he was able to conduct business as usual while continuing to make advances on whomever he could; putting that case aside… what about the Peyton Manning accusation with former trainer Jamie Naughtright? After hearing about the Weinstein case, it’s my belief that this woman decided to go for it…after all, she has already collected money from her lawsuit with the University of Tennessee and also collected a settlement from Peyton and Archie Manning afterwards. My thoughts… she’s looking to bank one last time, and the timing couldn’t be better; you know…with all the people coming forth with accusations from everywhere, thanks to Weinstein.

I don’t believe that after so many years, women or men should be able to collect on a sexual lawsuit; notice I did say men, because women in high power positions can also harass men. There’s also the subject of flirtatious behavior which no one speaks about. This has been going on in the workplace for as long as I can remember. As I entered a male dominant business back in the 1980’s, I wasn’t timid or shy, but I was asked prior in an interview if I could handle working in the environment, due to possible language and whatnot. I agreed that I could handle myself without taking offense. I was a natural at this sales job and it was the men that didn’t like it (mostly at the start), so I hardened up a bit and took it with a grain of salt; eventually earning the respect for a job well done. Later, this company decided to hire another woman; but it turned out to be challenging, as no one saw it coming…their first sexual harassment lawsuit. The woman who filed… had no case really, as I was going to take the stand on behalf of this company. I had a playful flirtatious behavior among my peers (all men) and she believed I received preferential treatment because of it…she was dead wrong. I deserved what I earned and nothing was given to me; she became jealous and her risky behavior was anything but flirtatious, in fact it was downright vicious; as she played a game that I call ‘entrapment.’ She lost her suit. If women want to work in a male dominated business, they must have a positive attitude and a strong personality to overcome obstacles. I also believe women should not be allowed in men’s locker rooms, just like men cannot be in the women’s.  I admit, I am not fond of women sports reporters to begin with, but having them interview players in their locker rooms (?) I highly doubt women would allow men to do the same…next they’d be calling them predators.

I wanted to express my views, because this world has many looking to bank on frivolous lawsuits of sorts, not to mention how confused people seem to be, as the facts are hard to figure out sometimes. I don’t believe the woman suing Peyton has a right, and now others are coming out of the woodwork making claims, especially on high profile people. I am not saying that they are all wrong, but I do ‘not’ believe all of them…No how, No way. So next time you might feel ‘smitten’ about someone in the workplace or otherwise, be very careful…you don’t know what their intentions might be; you could possibly find yourself in court with a sexual harassment suit or worse.

Make your week count.