Issues facing law enforcement today is an enormous task for officials; from a shortage of police recruitments to the revolving door in the criminal justice departments, it’s a daunting reality. The rises in crimes have been challenging for law enforcement, not knowing if a normal traffic stop could lead into a live pursuit; especially if the perpetrators refuse to pull their vehicle over and comply with their commands; turning it into a chase, followed by a shoot-out in order to bring the pursuit to a halt. Problems soon arise after it’s over as many point a finger at the officer(s) involved, in the event a death occurs. Then the media plays a role as to what information is released and has the ability to sway the public on its views, whether right or wrong. Recently, I experienced a pursuit while traveling on a busy city street; it involved several police SUVs chasing down the perpetrator and blocking him in…the man jumped out of his vehicle and ran (choosing to resist and comply), but was caught by two of the officers, there were seven in all. This man refused all commands, causing this pursuit to be dangerous. It was only 11:45 am. My views are my own, but my heart goes out to the officers that put their lives on the line every day while trying to catch the bad guys and protect our communities. Laws are in place, but what happens when people don’t comply anymore? This is an ongoing problem and challenge for all those who serve and protect. What might be a normal day and traffic stop can turn deadly in an instant; criminals have no fear, and compliance is ignored.

The word ‘Compliance’ means; acting in accordance with a request or a command, rule or instruction. There are Laws everywhere we go, from Cities to States including National Laws, and they should all be respected. However, some people have made things difficult… they are discontent with the government and question the authority of powers; placing themselves above the law because they won’t comply. Officers seem more militant today but who can really blame them? The public says “just add more jobs”, create a bigger force, have more training, but there’s a lack of applicants for these jobs; knowing hazards exist such as, the failure to obey a police order and, or resisting an officer; it’s common in our world today. More people have access to firearms, some of which end up in the wrong hands. Ignorance is a part of the problem; we live in a dangerous society where hateful individuals come in all forms with capabilities of the unspeakable. It has no color, specific occupation, particular age, religions or race…the violence by this individual can strike anywhere at any time. Officers must deal with every person cautiously, as they deal with obstruction of the law and angry individuals, where confrontations escalate, given some ‘unknown’ factors; mental illnesses or worse.

It has to be hard for these men and women (officers) to go to work not knowing how their day will unfold and if the individual(s) they come in contact with will comply. It’s a very difficult and different America today…so I just want to say ‘Thank you for your work and the risks you take every day, on our streets and in our neighborhoods.’ May God bless you and keep you safe.’

Make your week count.