I am always amazed at the generosity and support for various causes that this small community demonstrates!   The weight of the financial requests on the local businesses and families must be enormous.  Having lived and worked in several communities over the past several decades, I can say that in Mesquite, we enjoy an abundance of generosity and community spirit.

While it may seem like there are several organizations that constantly have their hands out, I would like to give an example of what your generosity means to my program and you can draw connections to other ones that may ask for help.

Attendance at or support of one of our events means that the students know that what they do matters beyond the walls of the high school and their own small circle of the universe.  Whether it be sports, drama, music, or any of the many CTE programs, the students are always much more engaged when there is a wider audience to see and appreciate their work.   My own students have been surprised when adults who seem to have no connection to them show up at their performances or activities.

When someone attends our events and makes a donation or purchases a ticket, it means there is help for a student who wants to attend a workshop and can’t afford the registration fee.   It means that a student who can’t afford a uniform doesn’t have to worry about the cost because someone covered it with a donation.  It means that we can purchase new music and not have to recycle the same old repertoire year after year.  It means that students are able to take advantage of enrichment opportunities without worrying about how much it will cost, only how much they will benefit by participating.

When we ask for financial help, it is because we know that one viola student would benefit from having an instrument that is her size rather than playing one that is two sizes too big.  It means that we can purchase that extra music for the student who is an advanced guitarist and we have nothing in the files for him.  It means that students are able to take advantage of district workshops on leadership and instrument master classes.  It means that we could purchase a cajon or bass guitar to enhance our performances.  It means that we may be able to provide an opportunity for students to travel and that leads to lessons of goal setting, preparation, cooperation, exploration, and learning about another culture.  Of course, there are many more examples.

Thank goodness for the generosity we have experienced in this wonderful little town!  Know that whatever programs you choose to support, whether school or other charity, the recipients are most grateful to be able to continue the work that they know makes a difference.

Marie Palmer

Choir, Guitar, Orchestra Director

Virgin Valley High School