There’s not much going on, snowbirds have flown the winter coop and you’re looking for something entertaining to do; boy are you in luck! The Greater Mesquite Arts Foundation is working on a variety show that will have you singing in the seats, laughing until you cry, and seeing some brand-new talent. You’ll be thoroughly entertained and for a good cause; The Women’s History & Culture Center.

The WHCC opened its doors to the public in September after months long preparation. In its infancy the center offered a plethora of reading material that told of women’s achievement’s in all aspects of life and career throughout history.

In just eight short months the center has grown to offer meditation and energy wellness classes. Elspeth Kuta is offering seminars on the women settlers of Mesquite and Annie Black’s community project has put some color on the side of the building.

That’s just a taste of what the center has accomplished in a little period. With a force like Jean Watkins, founder and president of WHCC, behind the group of like-minded volunteers anything is possible, many things have already happened, and exciting future events are in the works.

Watkins, board members and volunteers are individuals who are all dedicated to sharing information on women’s achievements and multi-cultural issues to improve the quality of life of women and men in the greater Mesquite area.

In order to keep this wonderful center open, the WHCC needs to raise some money and a lot of people have stepped up to the plate to try to make that happen; now the rest is up to you.

The group has a line up of singers, some who have never graced the stage of the Mesquite Community Theatre, but they are certainly no strangers to performing and they’re all loaded with talent.

You’ll have two chances to see the show on Saturday, June 15, at 1 p.m. or 6 p.m. and there are some wonderful raffle prizes available for those wishing to try their luck.

Tickets are available at Danielle’s Chocolates, Mesquite Cancer HELP Society office or the Women’s History and Culture Center.  The recommended donation is $15, 100 percent tax deductible. Please invite your friends and neighbors to come out and support this worthy cause.

The WHCC is also putting out an all call for volunteers! Now is the time to get involved, you are invited to an orientation session on Friday, June 21, 10:30 a.m. for anyone interested in volunteering for two hours a week at the Center. Volunteers can read books, listen to their favorite music, or enjoy quiet time when they are not greeting visitors.

To sign up as a volunteer before June 21, please contact Carol Saldivar at 801-628-1849 or email