Dear Editor,

It’s no secret that our taxes do more to harm Nevada taxpayers than to help us. As a former member of our State assembly, and a sitting member of the Las Vegas City Council, I’ve seen families consistently held back by high taxes. The tax code itself is so complex it’s nearly impossible to follow alone, and I’ve experienced this first-hand. I had to navigate my way through the complex code when I owned and operated my home healthcare business. It’s difficult, and it makes it hard for a business to grow. But with tax reform moving forward in Washington, I hope relief is on the way.

President Trump has shown a deep commitment to tax reform in recent weeks, and leaders on Capitol Hill need to follow him. Nevada taxpayers and businesses need to have a comprehensive reform bill passed – the first since Reagan years – that cuts rates for all American businesses, putting money back in the pockets of hard working people, and permanently reforms the tax system. We’re hard working in Las Vegas, and we deserve to keep more of our own money. We need permanent tax reform legislation to help Las Vegas, to help Nevada, and to help the country advance and prosper.

Michele Fiore

Las Vegas City Council