By Abbey Snow

Photo by Samuel Snow

Every year, local schools lack money to fund all programs properly, and therefore many classes have to find ways to raise money in order to have supplies and activities for students. Virgin Valley High School is holding a fundraising event, “Bella Note” on Oct. 3 at the Eureka Casino to benefit the orchestra, choir and guitar programs.

VVHS Music Director Marie Palmer said they have always had to raise funds every year for students in music for traveling, registrations, extra music, workshops, instrument days and other things. This year, they have two major fundraisers planned in the fall. Rather than constantly involving students and parents in smaller impact fundraising, they are aiming to raise enough money with two larger events to pay for the entire year of needs, Palmer said.

“Many of the students in our programs are in several activities and they have a difficult time paying fees and such,” Palmer said. “With the monies from fundraisers, I can offer to take students to festivals, workshops, instrument days, and clinics; as well as provide lessons, special guests, supplies, and new music.”

Their first big fundraiser, “Bella Notte,” will be held at the Eureka Casino in the Grand Canyon Room on Oct. 3. This event includes an Italian dinner and show, with students performing Italian music while guests enjoy a wonderful meal prepared by Eureka. The desserts will be made by Chef Noone and his culinary students at VVHS.

Photo by Samuel Snow

Angelina Langston is junior at VVHS and plays violin in orchestra. She has been involved in music since first grade.

“I really like going to the different festivals because it helps you figure out what as a group you need to work on,” Langston said. “I also learn a lot more about music. I like when we are able to go play in competitions where you are judged among other groups in the school district. It makes you go out of your comfort zone and we learn from other orchestras different things that can help us be better.”

Cynthia Ponce sings in the chamber choir class at VVHS. She said music helps her feel calm and relieves stresses.

“Our music program needs help,” Ponce said. “Having fundraisers help a lot of things, such as helping the teachers be able to do their job which makes us better singers and performers. It also gets other people involved in music.”

Those who can’t attend the event can always help the music programs as well with supplies or monetary donations.

“We are so grateful for the support the community already gives the high school both financially and through attending events,” Palmer said.

Those interested in attending can purchase tickets online for $50 at All proceeds from the dinner and raffles will go towards expenses for the choir, guitar, and orchestra programs. For other inquiries, contact Marie Palmer at 317-698-8665, or