What is with the FBI? Shocking new revelations are coming out daily about Agents apparently misusing their authority and office. After stonewalling Congress for almost a year, some e-mail and phone texting records are now being given to the congressional committees after being withheld until threaten with contempt of congress action.

So far the documents released indicate why the FBI was so reluctant to give them up, showing incredible bias against the new President and apparent efforts to undermine his programs and team. In the past the FBI was the best in the world and above politics. The old days of Elliot Ness and his crime fighting group were the heroes of our time. When the FBI was called in everyone knew justice would be done and the good guys would win.

So far we’re in shock about what may have been done but for now it looks very, very serious with secret societies within the department looking to overthrow our duly elected President. It seems to be treasonous and incredible for what we all believed was an incorruptible agency with incorruptible agents. Messages from some key players in the Russia Trump investigation indicate that there were, in fact, undercover actions that were designed to undermine and discredit the President.

How could the management of the FBI allow this to occur? The leadership of the agency, that the American people trusted, betrayed their office, their agency and worst of all, their country. I’m sure that there are many good people and agents within the bureau but those at the top or very near the top either participated or at least knew so they failed in their responsibilities and let everyone down. With the latest revelations, that was covered up for so long and is now just coming out it, makes the American people wonder if we have put our trust in the wrong people.

Now we hear that supposedly the best intelligence agency cannot find 5 months’ worth of messages. Maybe they should ask the Russians or the Israelis because they seem to get our stuff. What about the National Security Agency (NSA) with its massive listening complexes or just try Samsung who made the phones which were unsecured. All this has been revealed from just a few people’s messages, what else are we not hearing or seeing?

Whether you’re for or against Trump, this should be a shock to all, that our most trusted agency has betrayed us all.  Like the results of the election or not, the American people chose a new President and those in government have sworn an oath to our country and our people to protect the republic. You do not have to love the results of an election, but you must do your job without trying to overthrow the will of the people. These people are traitors and should be dealt with accordingly. That may be tough to accomplish with their friends and accomplices concealing evidence but hopefully our Attorney General will find enough honest people, still left in the agency to uncover the truth and the traitors and finally prosecute them to the full extent of the law.