September 8,1912: Willard Iverson and wife of Sonora Mexico arrived and plan to make Littlefield their new home.

September 9, 1909: J. S. Huntsman of Mesquite reports a great flood went down the Virgin River last week doing immense damage to Littlefield, Mesquite and Bunkerville and other settlements down the river, taking out dams, filling in ditches etc, At Bunkerville the land upon which they had their irrigation ditch was completely washed away and some people have had their entire farming lands carried away.

September 10, 1915: Misses Evelyn Reber, Lillian and Erma Frehner of Littlefield will attend high school in Bunkerville this winter.

September 11, 1914: Lyman Reber has returned from working in Moapa Valley over the summer he will be going to St George for the winter to go to school.

September 10, 1916: First group leaves of automobiles Las Angeles for a round trip on the Arrowhead Road to Salt Lake City and back.