Tammy Nielsen-Symons with one of her paitings at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery. Submitted photo.

Originally hailing from Cache County in Northeastern Utah, Tammy Nielsen-Symons, is a local artist who has received awards for her portraits of people, their children and pets.  She began her career as an artist at five years of age when she heard her mother say the walls of their apartment were too bare and needed some pictures.  She talked her younger sister into helping her draw pictures of Indians and teepees on the walls.  Then standing back and realizing that they really hadn’t covered much of the upper wall, they got on chairs and continued.  Needless to say, momma made them go pick a switch for a “licking” and then go wash the walls!  Later in life, Tammy told her mother, “Now I get paid for painting murals on walls!”

Tammy does commissioned portraits in oil and pastel.  Recently she did a commissioned oil portrait of a 3 star Marine general, “Buck” Bedard.  She is currently working on acrylic portraits of children on Christmas ornaments and other commissioned pastel portraits.

You can see her portraits of Veterans, people, horses, children and American Indians here in the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery as well as at the Wild Horse gallery in Overton and online at TopTenArt by Tammy Nielsen-Symons on Facebook.

Tammy and her husband live in Logandale where she paints and also enjoys their horses.
You can see one of her latest paintings at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery .

For commissioned artwork you can contact Tammy at (702) 397-6301 or email her at

Symons’ exhibit can be seen at Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery 15 West Mesquite Blvd. starting December 29.