(Sophisticated Scams and What you need to Know)


Scammers and Identity theft continue to torment citizens across the U.S., and apparently some of them are no longer content with a few thousand dollars off your credit cards, so they’ve come up with yet another, your house. When I first learned about ‘house stealing’ I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams how this could happen, but they do. People need to educate one another on what’s happening, because thievery is getting bolder by the day. They take what they want… when they want it, twenty four hours a day. You can place all the security cameras imaginable around your property, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be caught. They hack our social media accounts, bank accounts and whatever else they feel they can get, so beware…they now know how to steal everything you’ve worked for, including your house!

Some of you might be asking yourself, “How on earth can someone steal your house?” According to the Feds, the criminals are becoming more sophisticated with technology and so has their appetite for cash. These kinds of thieves can be brazen enough to walk right into the register of deeds office asking for a quitclaim deed, faking a power outage (or other excuse) along with someone else’s identity, and … or providing false documents of sorts. However, not all deed thefts are left to the obvious; they’re the ones that hack data bases and make actual changes to the deeds, without your knowledge or anyone else’s for that matter. The first common scam seen is where it involves a deceased home owner, which opens the door for a transfer of the property deed. So make sure that your will is in place as well as your property. If you are unable to hire an attorney for these types of services, you can go to the planning and estates law project, at www.citybarjusticecenter.org . There are people that can answer legal questions and help those that are low income. Other sophisticated scams may also include mortgage fraud, besides stealing the title to your home. One might think you are in the clear after you paid your mortgage off so you can rest assured, but that’s not the case. If you haven’t a loan on your home because you recently paid it off, time is of the essence. Scammers watch for this, because now it’s their time to take out fraudulent loans on your property; like I said, they’re not happy with a couple of thousand dollars; they want the whole enchilada (your home)! All of this is very sad, but since 2015 this type of crime has become more common than not. Please protect yourself and your families, get educated on these crimes so it won’t happen to you.

The FBI advises ‘Everyone’ to monitor your county deeds office, just to make sure everything is legitimate on your paperwork, as well as secured. We all must be proactive today. If you’ve ever had Identity theft, you know how frightening it is. There is a new type of service out there for homeowners, if you’d like to check into it you may do so at www.hometitlelock.com . Be proactive and rest assured… that catching a crime early helps from damaging the rest of your life.

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