alabama jones adJoin the Mesquite Local News Team of Teri Nehrenz, Stephanie Frehner and Barbara Ellestad along with the Eureka Casino Resort as they head slightly south and pretty far east to Mistakey, Alabama in search of folks to help raise funds for Eureka ‘Mesquite Reads’ program.

Yeah, the ladies have teamed up with the folks at the Eureka to bring you this wonderfully fun and interactive Murder Mystery Dinner.   All proceeds from ticket sales benefit ‘Mesquite Reads.’

The show is Thursday, July 28 at 5 p.m. Doors will open at 4 p.m. The show is interactive so be prepared to read a part or help sing a song (songs will be sung in groups; no individual singing is required).

“Alabama Jones and the Trailer Park of DOOM” is a spoof of the “Indiana Jones” movies with a southern twist and a twister.

Alabama Jones, Professor at Tulane Blacktop University is on the hunt for the original Velvet Elvis Painting. Bamy’s (Alabama Jones) comic quest starts off in Mistakey, Alabama where he reunites with old flame, Jewel, a waitress at the local IHOG (International House of Grits). Someone is out to kill her but knocks off the IHOG cook by Mistakey.

Jewel and Bamy hit the road on a whirlwind journey encountering traps in a haunted junkyard, singing Martians in a spaceship, a swarm of cockroaches in the Cooter Caves and a twister that whisks them into the heart of the Trailer Park of DOOM and a cult of mysterious Bubba Worshipers!

Characters include Harley Davidson, Ima Globetrotter, Weatherman Stormy Day, The Boogie Woman, Prozac the Martian Leader, Mona Lisa Marie Presley and many more.

Tickets are $25 per person and includes dinner, dessert and the show; a cash bar is available. For more information on where to get your tickets contact the MLN office at 702-346-6397 or visit J.S. Merchant at the Eureka.