Why all the hate, it is very disturbing to see such deep hatred here in America. People who were friends are pulling away, part of our country wants to pull out and people attack each other with weapons to hurt and possibility kill. Who really has it that bad here, with one of the highest standards of living in the world? Our poor here are better off than much of the world.

Many people protesting slavery of course never experienced what that was like, but because of the suffering of their ancestors, they have a better life. Slavery is wrong but it has been practiced since the beginning of time and is still practiced today in some countries. Makes you wonder why the protesters do not go to those countries and protest there.

Somehow, the protesters here in this country have it wrong when they claim the Republicans are the bad people. Democrats are the ones who supported slavery and blocked many efforts to abolish it. The Democrats have turned the tables and directed the hate at the Republicans and President Trump. At every opportunity, the press attacks the President for the least little thing. A good example is Charlottesville, VA, where some nut drove a car into a group protesting a neo-Nazi rally, the President said he was not condemning anyone until the facts were known. Somehow, that seems reasonable yet he was criticized unmercifully.

What is the rage and hate all about, it is about Trump’s promise of a better nation. Those swamp people have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, no changes please. All this rage is really against us, regular folks, people who work for a living and contribute to society. Although most of Americans think we have a classless society, that is not true. Those elite people in Washington live the high life and believe they know what is best for the lower class, that is us.

This is why the people elected Trump to change what Washington had become. To throw-out the elites who had forgotten their own roots. People who think they are above the law and that seems to be true. Even some conservatives think prosecuting past political figures is unwise because it puts us on par with some third world nations. Yet if you broke the law, whoever you are, you should be prosecuted, but that’s not the way it has been working. Maybe that is one good reason people voted for Trump.

This unreasonable hate and rage seems to be consuming many people on the left, including some who should know better. This hate is consuming a good part of our country’s efforts and hiding our accomplishments. Yes, there are a few paid agitators who will never back off unless someone stops paying them but, the rest of the left, need to cool it and realize what we are accomplishing with business coming back and the jobs that brings. Hopefully, taxes will be coming down so people can decide what to do with their money instead of government taking their earned wages and doing their pet projects.

Let’s all get together to make America great again. Some will still say something negative and to those we say maybe another country would make a better home for you, that is if you can find one better.