Imani Milele Children’s Choir-web photo

Imani Milele is Swahili for “Always believe.” Always believe that the power of education can change just about everything. Housing, education and skill training is what the dedicated team of individuals strives to provide for roughly 3,500 at risk and orphaned children in Uganda through the Imani Milele Children’s Choir.

The Mesquite United Methodist Church is happy to give Mesquite community members to experience this inspirational and passionate performance on Sunday, Aug. 20, at 6 p.m. The Mesquite United Methodist Church is located at 420 W. Pioneer Blvd.

Imani is a Christian organization on a mission to rescue, educate, develop and improve lives of Uganda’s orphaned and most vulnerable children. They overcome the obstacles in their path by equipping them with the necessary skills to become productive and self-sustaining leaders in society. The Imani team is comprised of individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

Imani Milele Children’s Choir-web photo

You can expect to experience Africa showcased through culturally unique music, a variety of dances and drum routines performed with great passion and high energy. You will feel the spirit and energy of Africa, infused with passionate voices, as the Imani choir tells their story. They use art to narrate some of Uganda’s culture and history.

According to the website: “The Imani mission is to raise awareness about Uganda’s three million-plus orphans and vulnerable children; ones currently living without life’s most basic needs, and invite others to join our cause so we can all make a difference.

Though the number may seem overwhelming, the good news is that there are simple solutions we are utilizing to equip children with skills to become independent and productive leaders.”

The choir’s founder, Reverend Moses Mbuga Ssemanda says in his biography, for him, the spirit of never giving up and always believing, regardless of the present situation, is what sustained his humble beginning. It’s a lesson he partly learned from the people he had met in the communities he served – people who even in difficult times always believed that someday day life would get better.

Moses learned that sometimes helping is easy, more often inconvenient (because it gets people out of their comfort zones), but always necessary. It has the power to change this world.

You can help Moses and the Mesquite United Methodist Church change the world by supporting the choir on Aug. 20. For more information please contact MUMC at