Fusion Salon was awarded the plaque for “Judges Choice” for their Harry Potter themed tree during the Twenty First Annual Festival of Trees. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

“Best Depiction of the Theme” for the Twenty First Annual Festival of Trees was won by the Lee Family for this very brightly colored tree that epitomized the theme “Merry and Bright.” Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Everybody enjoyed the beautifully themed trees at the 21st Annual Festival of Trees, held Nov. 14-17 at the Virgin River Event Tent and sponsored by the Mesquite Arts Council. There were several dozen trees; each tree depicting its own tale of the meaning of “Merry and Bright.”

All of the festival’s trees are provided by local businesses, private individuals and community organizations and decorated in the chosen theme which changes each year.

Some, such as Precision Eye Care chose to put a twist and use an insightful theme; “Merry and Sight” while yet another decorated a tree that was “Scary and Bright” but each and every tree had its own whimsical charm.

The Frontier Kids and Jennifer Bourne had the “Most Inspirational” tree at the Twenty First Annual Festival of Trees.

After the festival the trees are either taken home or to the office for the holidays but many are donated for auction.

Do-it-Best Employees always put in an auction tree that contains much more than just a decorated tree. Along with their tree they provided Black and Decker Tools, a Radio Flyer wagon, Bicycle, Wheelbarrow and other miscellaneous items; they even donated a lighted Santa Clause for the front yard. With items suitable for both dad and kids, the closed bags were sure to hold some treasures for moms as well.

Santa and Mrs. Clause stopped by for story and photo time with the kids then Mrs. Clause passed the “Naughty/Nice” list that contains the names of all the Mesquite children onto Santa.

Blair Adams coordinates the entertainment, MCs the event and has entertained the crowds each year at the Festival of Trees. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Visitors were able to enjoy the festival while taking care of their holiday shopping. Everybody has that one person who has everything. Well, they don’t have that one-of-a-kind hand-crafted or home-made gift some found from one of the many vendors.   There were dozens of different gift items available from jewelry to stockings.

As always, there was a great lineup of entertainment from opening to closing all four days. “Hearing the Christmas music performed by your friends, neighbors and fellow community members is a great way to kick off the holiday season and spread joy through the community,” said Blair Adams, entertainment coordinator for the Mesquite Arts Council during this event. “This has been our tradition here in Mesquite for such a long time and we feel that it’s just been such a warm and wonderful start to celebrating the holidays as a community.”