Mesquite Fire & Rescue submits the following call statistics for the week of 7/31/17 through 8/6/2017:

Total Calls for Service: 48*

911 Transports: 15

Non-Transports: 14

Inter-facility Transports: 12

Fire Related Incidents: 7



  • E-11, T-31, R-11 Responded to the Mesquite Rec Center for a general fire alarm. Found an active sprinkler head flooding an equipment room. Water secured and head plugged. No evidence of fire. Alarm reset. Facilities maintenance to arrange for replacement of sprinkler head first thing in the morning.
  • E-11, R-31 Responded to I-15 mm 117 for a report of a semi-truck on fire. Arrived with fire showing from the trailer axle area of truck. External fire quickly extinguished. There was material burning inside the trailer and it was quickly extinguished as well. The actual load of ceramic tiles was essentially undamaged.


  • E-11 Responded to a residence on Mesa Springs Drive for a report of a palm tree on fire. There were active lightning strikes in the area. Arrived to find fire at the top of a palm tree. Fire put out without incident.

Non-Transports include: Patient refusals, lift assists, patient deceased at scene, no patient found, no incident found, Incidents handled by other agencies.

*Call totals do not always add up to the Total Calls for Service due to multiple patients/incident types at a single incident.