Total Calls For Service: 58*

911 Transports: 34

Non Transports: 13

Inter-facility Transports: 11

Fire Related Incidents: 2

  • E-11, R-11, R-31 Responded to MM 123 NB I-15 for a report of a passenger vehicle running into a semi.  Initial report stated that there was a small child with a “Severe” Head Injury.  Arrived to find a small car that had rear ended a semi with no children involved.  Both adult occupants refused evaluation and care and the scene was left in the control of NHP and Mesquite Police.
  • 4/17/16
  • E-31, E-11, R-11 Responded to I-15 mm 114 SB for a report of a semi on fire.  Arrived to find a semi on the side of the road with a rear tire on the tractor smoldering.  Driver advised that he heard a loud “bang” and by the time he pulled over the tire was on fire.  States he was able to keep the fire in check with a fire extinguisher initially and then relied on his supply of Diet Soda.  Fire crews finished putting out the tire and the driver awaited a mechanic to repair the tire.

    *Call totals do not always add up to the Total Calls For Service due to multiple patients/incident types at a single incident.

  •  Non Transports include: Patient refusals, lift assists, patient deceased at scene, no patient found, no incident found, Incidents handled by other agencies.