The MLN has been having a little fun with our readers on Facebook with the post: You know you’re from/in Mesquite if…” and we’ve asked people to comment.

We’ve had some good responses and we’d like to share some of them with you, our readers.

You know you’re from/in Mesquite if…

It’s 83 degrees outside and you say, “I’d better grab a jacket.” – M. Erickson

When you see a towel taped to the door handle to keep from burning your hand. – D.B. Davis

You walk into Walmart and know everyone in the store or have seen them before. – K. Lang

Your pool water feels like bath water. – C. Dye

The temp drops to 105 and you tell people, “We’re heading for a cooling trend.” – B. Moore

Your car is outnumbered 20-1 at Lee’s by Utah plates. – K. McNamee

You have a green paw on your car. – S. Bledsoe

When you go to the grocery store and people are wearing shorts and sweatshirts under a jacket. – T. Young

You’re related to half the town. – T. Pulsipher

When you reach for your driver’s license and all you can find are players cards. – D. Mayer

The car wash turns you away because your car is too dirty. Yes, it really happened. – D. Fischer

When you know how to play blackjack before you can count to 21. – S.S. Harris

When you bring a jacket everywhere because the AC seems so cold. – S. Lawrence

You give directions by saying “turn left by the post office and then right at aunt carols then two houses down next to where jimmy peed on that cat.” – S. Hansen

Thank you to all who responded, we had fun reading them. We hope you all had fun too. Keep the comments coming; let’s continue to have some fun.