If you have a one way ticket from Somalia then you’re likely never to have to go back and that is why it is important to know who we open the door to. It is refreshing that the Supreme Court has recognized the President has the authority to control our borders instead of some judge in Hawaii. It is incredible that low level judges can try to over-ride the President’s control of our boarders.

If Congress finely decides to change the existing laws then that is their prerogative but until they act the President’s responsibility is to control the borders by using this discretion and that is exactly what he has done.

It makes you wonder when a low level political appointee can void the orders of an elected President of the United States. It seems that something is wrong here. There is a major problem when the lower courts think they are in charge and can rewrite the laws. It is one thing to schedule a trial and hear evidence, then make a determination. But to issue an injunction that stops everything is an outrage.

A federal Judge has just halted the deportation of about 1,400 Iraqis, even though many have committed crimes and most have already been in court. Many of these cases have been adjudicated years ago but the Iraqis have been hard to round up. Again judges should have nothing to do with immigration cases that have been already handled by an immigration court. This is just more court interference.

The judicial system is out of control with these low level appointees trying to control government functions. Let’s hope the Supreme Courts gets the system in order. Makes you ask who the hell these judges think they are, the president? The activist courts have been overstepping their authority much more frequently than in the past. This must be rolled back.

It seems that these lower courts know more about the Constitution then the executive branch. How can a political judge somewhere in Hawaii know so much more about Constitutional law than the Justice Department? Shopping for judges is now a common phrase. It must change so that judges can hear both complete sides before issues any injunction effecting Constitutional law or the powers of the Executive Branch.

Stopping these people from entering the United States seem like a reasonable thing and keeps us safe but the left wing wants to destroy what we have built. Let’s put some limits on the power of these political appointees. The Supreme Court is one thing but some local political driven judge should not have the power to bring the government to a standstill.