Total Calls For Service: 125*

911 Transports: 58

Non Transports: 33

Inter-facility Transports: 22

Fire Related Incidents: 13




  • T-31, E-11, R-11 Responded to a residence in Bunkerville for a reported structure fire. Arrived to find a single family home fully involved with Bunkerville Fire units performing defensive operations. Mesquite units assisted with exposure protection and overhaul.


  • E-11, R-11 Responded to Beaver Dam to assist the Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire District with a mobile home fire. Upon arrival, assisted with fire extinguishment and overhaul before being released.


  • T-11, E-31, R-11 Responded to I-15 mm 122 for a report of a truck on fire. Units arrived with fire from the engine compartment of a pickup hauling a trailer. Fire confined to pickup with no damage to trailer.
  • T-11, E-31, R-11, Battalion 3 Responded to the area of Hafen and First South for a report if a brush fire. Arrived with less than ½ acre burning. Extinguished fire and put out hot spots.


  • T-11, E-31, R-11 Responded to Hotel on E. Pioneer for a report of a semi-truck on fire in the parking lot. Upon arrival, security advises they had visible flames from the engine compartment and knocked fire down with extinguisher. Fire crews cooled engine with water to confirm fire is out. Scene left with security pending arrival of responsible party.


  • T-31, E-11, R-11 Responded to a residence on daybreak for a report of a propane leak. Upon arrival found large propane tank emitting propane from the relief valve. Persons in area advised tank had been filled an hour earlier. Area evacuated and tank cooled with water which stopped the activation of the relief valve. Propane company advised of findings.


  • E-11, R-31 Responded to trailer on Lisa Lane for a propane leak. Arrived to find propane leaking within the home. Turned off the valves on the bottles which immediately stopped the leak. Advised owner of need to get propane distribution system within trailer repaired.


Non Transports include: Patient refusals, lift assists, patient deceased at scene, no patient found, no incident found and Incidents handled by other agencies.

*Call totals do not always add up to the Total Calls For Service due to multiple patients/incident types at a single incident.