Dreaming of ending your day with a relaxing hot bath? Maybe you don’t have the time and will opt for a shower…whatever you decide, does one have more benefits than the other? Dating back to Medieval times, bath water was shared, beginning with the elders and then followed by others; babies were among the last to bathe. Historically… rivers, ponds and lakes have always been a source for washing, but basins and tin baths were   also used. In the late 1800’s… a hand pump shower was invented, using water supply from a large tank. As the mid-19th-century approached, personal hygiene and bathing grew in popularity; ‘thank goodness.’… It paved the way for new architects, as they began to incorporate bathrooms into their designs and floorplans. Now…showers and baths can be found in most places, but is one better than the other and are there any benefits to using one more than the other…or does it even matter at all(?)

Beginning with showers, it’s an effective way to wash any dirt off your body as well as (shampooing) your head. Using the shower is also more cost effective for anyone paying the bill, because it will use approximately 2.5 gallons per minute, making a 10-minute shower with 25 gallons total; while a bathtub uses 45 to 50 gallons of water to fill. For those who wouldn’t fill the bathtub completely, one could argue the point of saving money. Environmentally, the shower is better, especially if using a water-saving shower head; after all, the shower is quick, convenient and cost-efficient. It can leave you feeling refreshed, but unless you exfoliate your body with a brush, the census is you will get cleaner from a bath.

Taking baths can be luxurious, as there are many things one can add, such as oils, flowers and salts. Epsom salts have been around for years and helps with inflammation, arthritis and other sore muscles. Baths, when very warm are relaxing and soothing for the soul. According to science, hot baths are one of the most satisfying experiences people have today, and has been proven to lower blood sugar levels while burning a few calories. This happens when our bodies trigger a ‘heat’ response while in the tub; it’s the same (body) response as if you’re exercising vigorously. Bathing exfoliates dead skin cells naturally, as it opens’ your pores while sitting. Don’t worry about drying out your skin though, because once you’re done you should apply lotion everywhere to hydrate it. There’s no doubt that bathing has more health benefits than showering, but it all comes down to personal preference. As for me, I love to take hot baths to relax, while using a bath bomb (like Mr. Bubbles) and silky lotion for my skin afterwards. Showers are a convenience for me and the initial refreshed feeling it leaves (no doubt) is wonderful. I guess at this point, I’m grateful we have the accommodations in toiletries and bathrooms today, because when I think of what it must have been like centuries ago, well…I don’t want to think about it really; let’s think happy hygiene.

Make your week count.