Dear Editor,

There has been a move recently to ban smoking from public places here in Mesquite. This also includes the casinos and I am firmly against that movement. When I go to a casino, I am aware that smoking is allowed and it is my choice to stay and play, move to another seat away from a smoker and/or stay and endure the second-hand smoke. Not being a smoker myself, those are my choices.

There should be a movement in town to ban all unnecessary pets in the casinos. I am not opposed to Seeing Eye Dogs for the blind but I am opposed to all other dogs that customers bring to be their sidekick.

Some days it is like and ADC dog show with owner walking their dogs around and showing them off to the other customers. How many times does one see a little old lady with a dog on her lap playing a machine or better yet with the dog taking up a seat on the next machine? Service dogs must be trained and need a certificate to be a valid service dog.

Recently, at a local casino, the security department made and announcement that a black Chihuahua was reported lost in the casino. Service dog, I doubt it! At another casino, a dog bit an employee. Service dog, I doubt it! The owners of another dog let him into the cooling pond in front of the CasaBlanca Casino and then paraded it up to their hotel room. Service dog, I doubt it! The dog was totally wet from the pond. How many owners let their pets sleep with them on vacation? I am sure quite a few do and that does not bode well for the cleanliness of that or any other room. Let’s keep the dogs at home or put them in a kennel, but a casino is no place for your dog!

I do not remember when I was younger seeing all these pets at other public places. It seems that people always take advantage of everything. There must be a solution!

Bob Szuch

Mesquite, NV