In a meeting on June 1, employees with Golden West Restaurant and Casino were informed that their current owners, TLC Mesquite Gaming LLC, have sold the establishment pending approval with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The company is a subsidiary of TLC Casino Enterprises, which also owns Binions and Four Queens casinos on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

The purchasing company, R Win Management Corp., owns 17 other similar establishments in Las Vegas and Henderson that cater to the smaller, local crowds.

According to Golden West Manager Jeanne Guttke, the new company will give the business a facelift, updating paint and décor, but that overall she said, “this is a very good thing. I am excited to see where this takes us.”

Officials with both TLC Mesquite Gaming LLC and R Win Management Corporation did not return calls to the Mesquite Local News by press deadline. One person with the new owner did say that the name will remain the same, but she did not specify anything else.

Once the gaming control board approves the transfer in gaming licenses, the sale of the Golden West will be finalized and the changes will begin, which could take several months.