This year’s team championship for Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit & Run competition will be on June 10 in San Diego. These local youth earned honors in their age group to represent the City of Mesquite as their scores were highest in the sectional competition.

The Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit & Run consists of four levels of competition: Locals, Sectionals, Team Championships and National Finals.

Two Winners from the Sectional Championship have advanced from Mesquite, Nevada and have qualified to attend the Team Championship to be held at Petco Park, the Major League Baseball Stadium for the San Diego Padres on June 10.

7-8 Degan Shaner

11-12 Kirt Felix

The MLB Pitch, Hit & Run competition allows boys and girls from ages 7-14 to showcase their talents in pitching, hitting and running with scores based on distance, accuracy and times. “It was a great event for the kids and to watch them compete against other kids from all over at a higher level of competition in baseball and softball, said Nicholas Montoya, Director of the Department of Athletics & Leisure Services.”

The City of Mesquite Department of Athletics & Leisure Services would like to congratulate all the competitors as Team Championships, good luck and have fun! “Our youth of the Virgin Valley Little League did an amazing job and represented our valley very well, we are very proud of them and their accomplishments;” Montoya added.

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