Jan. 25, 1911, Bunkerville: Last Wednesday night a wildcat went into Nephi Hunt’s chicken coop and killed sixty chickens. Mr. Hunt’s dogs were somehow attracted to the chicken coop and were running around and barking. Thursday morning Mr. Hunt saw them and went into the coop. He saw Mr. Cat who ran through a hole in the top of the coop the dogs still guarding it (the cat) while Mr. Hunt went to get his gun to shoot it. This is the second time within the last three months the wildcats have bothered Mr Hunt’s coop.

Jan. 25, 1911: Heber Hardy has installed the telephone in his home. There is some talk of putting  a line through from Moapa to St George.

Jan. 25, 1913, Las Vegas Age:  “Work is being Started on the New Dam at the Narrows” That there is something going to be done on the dam at the Narrows above Littlefield (entrance to the Virgin

Valley Gorge) is evident from the teams and scrapers being shipped there. It is a great thing for this country and will make it possible for many good homes to be had in this semi-tropical country.

Jan. 26, 1910, Bunkerville: Our men are working like busy beavers to get the water to our town again and unless spring floods soon come we will have it in two weeks.

Bishop Bunker and Ira Earl have gone to Littlefield to meet the railroad surveyor.

Jan. 26, 1912: People have sure made good use of the ice for the last four weeks in making ice cream, ice cream parties all over town.

Jan. 30, 1913: Alfalfa Seed, re cleaned: see sample and prices at Bishops Storehouse, St George or order of Albert Bunker, St George, or E. Bunker Jr.  Bunkerville NV. Delivery made early February (advertisement).