With summer near and outdoor festivities being planned in most states, it’s likely there will be crowding in a variety of public places. Huge outdoor music venues are set throughout the U.S. along with festivals of sorts in celebration of holidays and more. As these celebrations are soon approaching, it’s time to have conversations with anyone attending, for the sake of having a plan in the event something bad happens. With this type of reality in our world today, no one is safe. Everyone should be vigilant while attending any event…anywhere… being in a public place puts you at risk…  you can’t be oblivious to what’s been happening in London, they continue to have deadly consequences from terrorism. Exercising a potential plan of escape in any crowded public place should be discussed prior to venturing out on the town.

Words I hear more often these days are, “If you SEE something, SAY something.” If you notice anything out of the ordinary, or maybe see something you feel uneasy about, then please speak up and tell somebody immediately. It may seem a bit ridiculous at the time, but you could be saving lives. Usually after an attack, the police are searching for nearby pedestrians to try and remember any type of suspicious behaviors they may have spotted nearby or in the proximity. It’s all about clues. Another common practice is to always look at others in your surroundings, so whether you are standing in a line or at a restaurant, shopping mall or other place… be aware of others, make eye contact and possibly exchange a glance. Also, stay off your cell phone while in public, as most of us know they cause distractions, so it’ll be hard to be vigilant, not knowing what is in your immediate surroundings. You should always make yourself visible, and this can easily be done by wearing bright colors or anything reflective. WikiHow will tell you that bright colors are correlated with people of confidence, which somehow detours the criminal, as they don’t want to be noticed either, making them unlikely to target you.

Simple tips such as the above listed, along with having an emergency plan should be practiced daily, and can be a matter of life and death. Everyone should discuss an emergency plan, beginning within your home. Thieves have no problem doing their illegal activities or invasions in plain daylight. You should start with a plan for your home first, and then talk about an emergency plan (secondly,) as to crowded places. A thorough plan is one that can be executed without hesitation, in the event of an unexpected crisis. Talking about different scenarios can also be helpful to arrive at a good plan. If you are traveling to a foreign country, make sure you put in your time for a little research. One should find out what places might be near where you’ll be staying, because having additional knowledge is beneficial. Also, let someone know where you might be for an evening. Your whereabouts is crucial as someone will need to know if you arrived at your ‘final destination’ safely. When terrorism hits, no one knows what happens next, it’s utterly frightening. There aren’t any answers as to what actions could trigger the next crime spree, it’s all in the criminals’ mind. Staying vigilant in places we attend today as well as in our future, should have you thinking whether you have an emergency plan or not. Now is the time to become aware of everything. I say this because with warmer temperatures… comes bigger attendance for outdoor events…as crowding is more common in summer months. Please take the time with close friends and family to discuss a plan of action, as you never know what could possibly happen at any moment. Just remember… stay alert, and if you do see something…then say something. Be careful this summer, and don’t forget to love one another.


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