Ron Bird of Ron Bird Portraits will take his vast artistic experience, eye for photography along with his talent and make you into a superstar with a magazine-style photo shoot. Caroline Bird will ensure that your clothes, makeup and hair look their absolute best. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

There’s a new photography studio in town and they don’t just take pictures; they will provide you a full glamour experience that will have you feeling like a star for a day and give you a Bird’s eye view through the lens of a most beautiful you.

Ron Bird will take his vast artistic experience, eye for photography, along with his incredible talent and make you into a superstar with a magazine-style photo shoot while Caroline Bird ensures that your clothes, makeup, and hair look their absolute best.

From beginning to end the experience will be like nothing before. Ron Bird Portraits will begin with a full consultation where you will discuss wardrobe and styling of your shoot. At your shoot, you will receive a complimentary makeover by a professional hair and makeup artist, then let the photo shoot and your full blown celebrity experience begin.

Bird has been an artist all his life. He grew up painting, drawing, and sculpting. His artistic talents took a turn toward photography because of his wife Caroline who does Cosplay. Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. She creates costumes and makeup for herself and attends conventions but she was having a difficult time finding a good photographer to archive her creations. She thought of her beloved and added photography to the honey-do list; he went for it and found yet another artistic passion.

Bird can create whatever you want.  If you’d like to be photographed like you were going on the cover of Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone magazine, they’ve got that covered. Magazine-style photography is their specialty but that’s not all.

Ron also happens to be an expert at Photoshop, so how about a picture landing on the moon or a fantasy photo that only you can imagine? There is no limit to what can be done with your photo session and finished photos. Caroline is the makeup artist and designer who handles clothing, hair and makeup for the magazine-style shoots but if it’s fantasy you’re after, Ron will use his many artistic talents to create whatever your heart desires. He also does photo shoots for actors’ headshots, professionals/business photos and pet photos.

After your day of fun and photos, the Birds will be warm, welcoming, and the perfect hosts when they invite you back in a couple of weeks for the photo reveal party/session. They invite your family and friends to come enjoy the experience with you when you choose which package or single photo you want to commemorate your experience and hand down to your loved ones for generations to come.

Bird opened the studio in January after 4 years of planning and learning the art of photography but still maintained his employment with Financial Concepts. He’d been with FC for ten years after leaving the Marines where he met his wife Caroline. The couple served at Camp Pendleton, CA during their four year enlistment. He’s loved doing what he’s done and wouldn’t pass up the experience for anything but now, he says, it’s time to follow his dream and his passion. For more information on Ron Bird Portraits or to schedule a consultation contact or call 702-706-3784.