Memorial Day is a day for humanity, bringing Patriotism to cities everywhere. It should be celebrated by all citizens in remembrance of those who had given the ultimate sacrifice, while serving in the U.S. Military. This holiday, originally known as Decoration Day, was in honor of the men and women who gave their life during the Civil War, but the United States found themselves in yet another conflict, and it was WW1. With many more lives lost, years later, Decoration Day had become Memorial Day; a National Federal holiday founded in 1971 to commemorate all American military personnel serving in wars. Fellow veterans with current organizations host a variety of Memorial parades across the United States, and some of the largest ones in Chicago, D.C. and New York. Military families observe this holiday by visiting cemeteries and memorials by placing wreaths, flowers and flags; remembering those we lost in battles, but never forgotten.

Finding ways to celebrate this coming weekend shouldn’t be hard. Most cities offer a variety of festivities, beginning with smaller parades lead by fire and police departments. However, the most important part of the parade… you will find our fellow military, past and present. I have attended many of them, and my only hopes are that parents continue to teach their children what the meaning of Memorial Day is all about. We can show respect by STANDING as our Veterans and military march by. I’m in total shock sometimes when people sit curbside and don’t show anything at all, it makes me want to cry, as it’s a sign of the times. We need to remember our freedom and how we achieved it, through the hard battles of war. The price has been paid.

America can still find itself in war, such as 9/11 and desert storm. Our military continues to battle against terrorism, while knowing the dangers and sacrifices they encounter. After centuries of different wars, these soldiers have given their lives through courageous acts while fighting the front lines. So celebrate their lives this year, by simply giving a handshake to a fellow veteran, or visiting a memorial to show gratitude for services rendered. Maybe you could make a pledge to a disabled vet or help at a shelter to serve a meal. Our veterans are everywhere, some confined to wheelchairs, others with prosthetic limbs and some are homeless, left with no family or anyone to care for them…it’s sad and they deserve much more. Some families kick-off the Memorial weekend as a summer celebration, but please take a moment to thank those that served and show your support… America needs all of us! God Bless all of the Military Families, past present and future…and God Bless America!

Make your week count.