Brand new vehicles are offering many extras inside and out, including attractive dashboards with enhancements of standard equipment. New features have been added on most automakers dashboards, while increasing the sounds, such as chimes and alarms. When it comes to performance though, these automakers have their own competitive edge, while many motorists have made it about the cosmetic looks and high-tech features; it’s really about the accessories-n-more.

Lane changing signals have been a growing problem for drivers, or shall I say the lack of. There’s nothing more irritating than being behind a new vehicle and the driver fails to use the turn signal in order to warn you. Most cars and trucks already have a chiming system in place for directional use, so they decided to enhance it. Then automakers added another new feature, this one is for a lane departure and uses the brake system; it was designed for those ‘inattentive’ drivers weaving into other lanes. This feature uses a vibration in the pedal or steering unit in order to alert the driver. The problem is that the driver can disengage the warning, so they never utilize it. This is also true of other features on vehicles.

Dashboards… they look great today with all the pretty sleek features located right in the center of the dash, between the driver and passenger seat. For the majority of vehicles, it’s the GPS Navigation touchscreen. This feature has several others which are located right on the same screen, ranging from blue tooth devices to personal concierge services, there seems to be endless options. As for vehicles with a little less, many have upgraded audio systems for a nice sound, but continue to use analog controls. Most like to opt for touch screens, which lets them change stations or control volume with a swipe of a finger on their dashboard. It’s all a personal choice but beware, some of those screens come with a very complex menu. Always let a sales-person (or someone you know who’s tech-savvy) teach you about the use of those different screens, as they vary from automakers. Upgrades also include voice command, which were supposed to be less distracting for drivers. However, I think that the ability this particular feature has can be beneficial, as it supplies the driver with current information and updates on traffic; while providing another route in the event of unexpected construction or an accident. Another positive feature is the hands-free service it provides, but again…not all speakers in cars are equal, so watch when purchasing a vehicle as to what audio package comes standard, especially for phone users. It’s difficult to hear voices clearly from the other end sometimes, not to mention the road noise, which also has a direct effect for caller.

The keyless/ push-button entry/start is a great feature and comes with the key Fob. This nifty gadget will alert the driver if walking away from the vehicle while it’s still running or letting you know that someone may be tampering with one of your blue tooth devices if left behind. It’s all part of a new integrated alarm system found on newer models. All in all, our future is here and proving that are the self-driving Uber cars already in use. Whether we like it or not, the automakers will continue to produce cars with gadgets, upgrades and more, while techies embrace It.; less digital…less electrical problems I say. As for me, I will always have a desire to be drawn to old classics, like the 57 Chevy, 69 Camaro and others. These cars were simple, built with style and had a personality all their own.

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