Happiness…everyone wants it, some go great lengths to obtain it, but to understand what true happiness is … let’s just say it’s the overwhelming emotion of euphoria that comes with an inescapable state of well-being. Cultures all over the world believe that joyful people choose to be happy. They are not filled with uncertainty, anger, resentments, what you have or don’t have, nor is it based solely on a persons’ success. It is found within the individuals living soul, and is claimed once the person can identify who they are (having self-worth), while being content with their surroundings. That includes relationships with family and friends. One should not dwell on choices from the past that turned out negatively; then causing your emotions to crash and paralyze the growth of real happiness and the meaning of life. Harnessing those past mistakes through life may damage personal thoughts and emotions, not even realizing what long-term effects it may have for your future.

Being happy is exhilarating, while feeling joy and accepting who you are with an attitude of gratitude. It is the true experience of all that is good and worthwhile. It has nothing to do with what you own, where you came from, past mistakes or the job you didn’t get when you felt you deserved it… if you put too much emphasis into these things… then happiness will be hard to come by. Dwelling on what ‘might have been’ will only keep those cheerful and happy feelings suppressed while letting bitterness control your emotions, and no one deserves that. Cultivating happiness into your life should be practiced every day, beginning with the moment you wake up. The importance of happiness is the gateway to living a full life with a peace of mind and the ability to embrace all that you currently have, instead of focusing on the things you don’t.  Looking back at our lives, we realize… what we thought were difficult times were in fact the best times of our life, and fulfilling too. As we get older it’s common to hear, “Those were some of the happiest moments of my life.”

So what happened…life? Social pressures, online or off, what others are doing or not, what others wear and you are not…all of this can harbor ill feelings. If your happiness relies on affluent social standings, external conditions and all that is outside yourself, then finding real happiness won’t happen, because it begins with us; deep within our hearts and souls. Today you’ll find people of all ages striving to better themselves in the hope that it will bring them eternal happiness, by climbing social ladders while rising to the top, bringing in the big money, but this is not the way. If they are not happy before those things, it’s likely they won’t be after. It is the society we live in, but you don’t have to choose it. Focusing on yourself is the best way to begin your journey of happiness, filling it with joy and contentment.  Accepting who we are and all we have (feeling satisfied), at these very moments in life, is what we should all strive for, every day… when we take those first breaths and open our eyes…how fortunate is that?

Make your week count.