Dear Editor,


The Committee members for La Dolce Vita fundraiser are grateful to each and every one who participated in the April 15 benefit for Mesquite Cancer HELP Society.  Amid the music, tribute toasts all around, and bidding on fabulous donated auction and raffle prizes, the event raised $14,000 for MCHS.  The MCHS office, at 150 N Yucca Street in Mesquite, is a refuge for those who need counseling, education, and assistance with non-medical impacts of the disease they face.  These proceeds will go far in providing moral and psychological support for cancer patients and their families while aiding them with out-of-pocket expenses during their cancer treatment.


Special thanks go to the Eureka Casino Resort and Staff for their overwhelming generosity in hosting this event.  Not only did they provide many extras that enhanced the success of the evening, but their staff worked tirelessly to assure that every detail was perfect.


Our local businesses, organizations, and individuals were particularly generous in providing abundant auction and raffle prizes, along with cash donations that go directly to the MCHS treasury.  It is clear that helping one’s neighbors is a Mesquite way of life, not a hollow promise.


Those who read this letter and decide to become part of the circle of caring neighbors who sustain the work of Mesquite Cancer HELP Society, please call their office at 702-346-0622.




La Dolce Vita Fundraiser Committee