The Mesquite Toes ‘Comets” team brings a little Alexander’s Ragtime Band into the MTTT Spring Dance Spectacular. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

MTTT new Artistic Director Judy Edgington is putting some high steps into the MTTT choreography and stepping up the Toes game. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

If you attended the Mesquite Toes Spring Spectacular what you would have seen was anything but the same old toes. The Toes are stepping in a different direction since the addition of their new Artistic Director Judy Edgington. During their three performances April 6-8, the Mesquite Community Theatre audience saw a spring in the Toes’ steps that hadn’t quite been there before.

The Twinkling Stars were the cutest little guest performers and stole the hearts of the audience members who attended the MTTT Spring Dance Spectacular. Photo by Teri Nehrenz


The Mesquite Toes Tap Team (MTTT) was originally founded by former Artistic Director/Choreographer Vicki Eckman who retired in 2016. Eckman took the MTTT, whose members at one time averaged 71 years old, to places unimagined, even to New York City to perform during a halftime show for the New York Knicks basketball team. Under Eckman’s ‘guiding steps’ the MTTT had many ‘Overseas’ performances on the Holland Cruise line as well. Eckman finished her career with the MTTT with a dynamic spring spectacular show which featured all the places she had taken them in the MTTT very first themed show appropriately titled, “Traveling with the Toes.”

Edgington is stepping up where Eckman left off and adding a new dynamic to the show. The choreography is more intricate, complicated and upbeat. It’s as if the team’s average age went down and its energy went up.


Marge Westwood appears a tattered and worn just as an alley cat should during the number “Alley Cat” performed at the 2017 Spring Dance Spectacular. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

With the new lighting system at the Mesquite Community Theatre, the possibilities are endless and the “Me and My Shadow” number really highlighted some of the special effect lighting that can be achieved. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Of course the average age couldn’t help but go down with the addition of some twinkle toed tots otherwise referred to as the ‘Twinkling Stars.’ The very young group of tiny ‘Toes’ was as cute as could be. There shouldn’t be any doubt about who stole the show, little kids are always a sure bet, but the ‘older’ ladies held their own throughout the evening and it would be difficult for anyone to decide.

The teams even have names that are more dynamic than the old. Gone are the days of the red team, turquois or blue teams, instead you now have the Orbits, Comets, Moonbeams, Jupiters, Fireballs, Galaxies and Satellites to take you to places just beyond your imagination.

If you missed the show, be sure to make the next one; Edgington is definitely giving the MTTT a new edge.

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