Mayor Al Litman presents John Breitfeller with a $25,000 Mayor’s Choice Scholarship from Stephens Henager College on April 10. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

Advancing ones education usually leads to better jobs and wages.

Thanks to Stevens-Henager College in St. George, one Mesquite resident has just taken the next step in his journey to obtaining a Business Administration degree.

John Breitfeller has recently finished receiving his GED, for free, through Stevens-Henager College and will be starting his higher education soon to receive a degree in Business Administration. “I know that to be successful in any business you have to know how a business runs and operates,” he said in his scholarship essay. “I know this degree will change my life.”

Breitfeller’s background starts in New York, where life was difficult at times, and in the workforce even harder without having a higher education.

When he moved to Mesquite, he was determined that it was “time to either take the leap or forever be stuck in mediocrity.”

Now that he has finished his GED, in half the time that is typically scheduled for the program, he can continue towards his degree. Ultimately, he hopes to use that degree to move up in the music industry and become a manager that books bands for entertainment venues.

The $25,000 Mayor’s Choice Scholarship will help Breitfeller with the tuition and associated costs with the degree.

Mayor Litman said that Breitfeller was deserving of the scholarship and he looks forward to seeing where it takes him. “It’s always a good thing to see people pursue what they dream of doing,” said Litman. “I wish John the best of luck in his degree and future career.”