At the corner of Hillside Drive and the driveway for Veterans Memorial Park stands a giant eagle with a six-foot wingspan. Below it lies hundreds of already purchased personalized bricks by many community members and businesses. The brass plaque, which is currently on order, is set to be installed on the white marble base of the statue in the next month or two. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

Although it has been four months since the giant golden eagle was dedicated to Veterans Memorial Park on Hillside Road, the work to finish the corner continues.

Personalized bricks are continuing to be sold to help pay for the statue itself and the ongoing additions that the Mesquite Veterans Center has planned. A brass plaque will be mounted on the white marble base below the eagle sometime in the next month or two.

A purchased brick can be personalized with nearly anything, from memorializing a fallen soldier, to honoring current military members. Some purchasers simply put their name to show support for all veterans. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

Thanks to Kokopelli Landscaping, the bricks that are purchased are then properly installed as soon as there are 100 or more bricks ready. The Veterans Center hopes to have the next set installed in June or July, if not sooner.

For more information about purchasing the commemorative bricks, contact the Mesquite Veterans Center, 840 Hafen Lane, 702-346-2735.