Depending on your lifestyle, making time for real face-to-face socializing can be a bit of a challenge today, especially for those that travel, commute to and from, and…or put in long hours at their job. Being on-the-go often makes it difficult for some to make new friends, not to mention find time for personal errands such as shopping. So technology gurus invented the ‘App’, almost too many to count.

People everywhere have a love for cell phones, and with them comes endless apps. There are apps for numerous subjects such as, games, maps, social networks, dining, weather, travel; News across the world, stocks and even banking…it seems endless. Beginning with the successful website… ‘E Bay’, a spokesperson at that time decided to take their business over to Apple’s iPhone and demoing E Bay live for them. It was a huge success and the iPhone became the number one device for access on E Bay, paving the way for new ideas, showing others how business could be done using multiple devices, not to mention… the ‘App’… , no matter what you might need, its right at the touch of your fingertips.

Most enjoy free apps, and finding them isn’t always easy. Beginning with photos… foodies, selfies and videos are the most sought out by onlookers. So, there are several apps to doctor their photos, such as; , which creates uniqueness to your photos, and … it enables you to edit several pieces together, including music if you want it. Music… being popular on handheld devices brought lots of success to ITunes, but this app charges monthly fees based on what you use it for, so then  came along for free, another app for music lovers. Now, while you might be enjoying your music, what about some company for the evening or dinner? Maybe you’re out of town, but hey…no worries, just click on an app like … , or . These apps could find you a dinner companion or a group of people to dine with. If you find yourself slightly unsure, and you might like to chat a bit before making plans, just use the app …or maybe you are thinking of a drink first so click on this app . Whatever you’re looking for, I’m sure you can find it. For beer lovers, keeping track of those you like, or possibly looking for new suggestions, try . Here you can join conversations all about beer, and don’t forget to keep the list of what you like right at your fingertips. Out with friends and unexpectedly run low on funds? No problem, this site or , will transfer funds between banks and friends alike, so being spontaneous is stress free. However, for those that are budget conscious, there’s an app which keeps you up to date of your cash flow at all times, while keeping informed of upcoming bills. Speaking of cash, maybe you mail ordered something from amazon and you are worried about them leaving the package at your door steps when you’re not there, but that’s okay, try . No more worries about porch pirates; doorman will hold your item until you’re ready to have it delivered, but 30 days is the limit. Now, needing a ride home isn’t an issue either, as most of us have all heard about Uber and Lyft; no surprise here, as there are multiple apps in the travel sector, no matter what type of transportation one chooses.

If you’re one you uses messenger frequently for communication, might I suggest ? This app puts an end to thieves or nosy friends, as its end to end encryptions gives no data out what-so-ever; no one would be able to retrieve old messages and try to decrypt them, it’s not possible. So no matter what you might need in life, there really is an app for just about anything and everything. I thought it couldn’t be possible, but after spending the day browsing at apps, I realized…I had only scratched the surface. Today, whether you use an app for up to date traffic routes, purchasing a car or a home…nothing surprises me any longer; technology won.

Make your week count.