Road Repair – Range Fence Removal-Widen Front Street

This is a call for action to the residents of Jones Flat who are unsatisfied with the condition of Front Street.  Phone calls, letters and emails are needed to motivate the BLM and Mohave County into action.  Without the help of Jones Flat residents, NOTHING will get done for another year.


We have submitted petitions, letters and visits by several residents to the BLM office without any action.  These activities have been ongoing for three plus years. Petition signatures were hand delivered to Justin Reeve and Teresa Burke BLM, Arizona Strip office in St. George Utah in February 2016.  These petitions were mentioned at the Feb. 2, 2017 meeting in Beaver Dam.

Yes, these petitions were delivered over a year ago to the BLM Arizona Strip without any action.  Please note the “February 2016 Petition was signed by everyone who lives on Front Street with the exception of two people who have illegally buried pets South of the Range fence on BLM property.

The range fence on Front Street is a tremendous hazard.  The road is too narrow. (20 feet in different locations) Everyone who comes into or exits the Jones Flat community must travel on Front Street.  The estimated vehicle traffic is over 500 vehicles per day during winter (Snowbirds) months!!!!

BLM Arizona Strip, St. George, Utah (Tim Burke and Lorraine Christian) have been unresponsive with a total disregard for the safety of school children entering and exiting school buses and for the public safety of residents who must travel on Front Street.

There are currently no Desert Turtles to mitigate, because if there were any turtles in the area, they would have been trampled by the large number of cattle that roam the area on a daily basis. All cattle must be removed by March 15 for “Desert Turtle Mating Season”.  However, it appears that the BLM has arbitrarily granted an extension to the cattlemen to sometime in April 2017 without any consideration for turtles, however, residents can’t move the fence because of turtles.  Where is the justification/consideration for residents??????

We as residents must contact any or all of the following to get any action to remove the range fence and authorization to widen the road.  Both BLM and Mohave County are satisfied with doing NOTHING.


Dave Abplanalp


Jeff Flake

2200 East Camelback Road
Suite 120
Phoenix, AZ 85016
P: 602-840-1891         202-224-4521  (Wash D.C.)


US House of Representatives

Paul Gosar

US House of Representatives