CHMS Orchestra led by William Rhoden. Submitted photo

VVHS Orchestra led by Marie Palmer. Submitted Photo.

The VVHS and CHMS Orchestras recently performed at the Clark County School District adjudicated festival at UNLV. Both groups were thrilled to bring home the highest rating of “Superior” for the first time in many years.  High School director, Marie Palmer, indicated that the growing and successful 6-12 orchestra program is due to the strong foundation the student musicians are receiving at the middle school with director William Rhoden and the collaboration between the two directors. Mrs. Palmer said, ”Mr. Rhoden provides solid fundamentals, challenges them, and encourages them to continue on in the high school. It is my job to build on that foundation, provide new challenges, and help them strive for musical excellence and artistry.” The students are excited by the success of both groups and it has already had an impact on retention for next year.  The high school orchestra will grow from 28 this year to 42 next year!