100 + participants took part in this year’s local MLB Pitch, Hit & Run competition hosted by The City of Mesquite of Athletics & Leisure Services on March 23, 2017 at Pioneer Park. These youngsters earned first-place honors in their respective age groups and specific skills.


7/8: Degan Shaner (Pitch Champion), 7/8 Degan Shaner (Hit Champion), 7/8 Ty Felix (Run Champion), 7/8 Degan Shaner (All-around Champion).

9/10: Koby Perry (Pitch Champion), 9/10 Mason Montoya (Hit Champion), 9/10 Koby Perry (Run Champion) 9/10 Mason Montoya (All-around Champion).

11/12: Drake Wakefield (Pitch Champion), 11/12 Drake Wakefield (Hit Champion), 11/12 Pete Soto Jr. (Run Champion) 11/12 Drake Wakefield (All-around Champion).

13/14: Kyler Sudweeks & Allen Villanueva (Pitch Champion), 13/14 Bridger Toone (Hit Champion), 13/14 Allen Villanueva (Run Champion) 13/14 Kyler Sudweeks (All-around Champion).


7/8: No Competitors (All-around Champion).

9/10: Valarie Lucero (All-around Champion)

11/12: Riley Price (Pitch Champion), 11/12 Reggie Frei (Hit Champion), 11/12 Reggie Frei (Run Champion) 11/12 Reggie Frei (All-around Champion).

13/14: Lizbeth Collazo (Pitch Champion), 13/14 Gracie Woods (Hit Champion), 13/14 Annica Cameron (Run Champion) 13/14 Gracie Woods (All-around Champion).

These 15 winners now will move on to a Sectional Competition, time and date of event is TBA but it will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. These youth could qualify for the team championship competition to be held at PETCO PARK the Major League Baseball Stadium for the San Diego Padres.

The MLB Pitch, Hit & Run competition allows boys and girls from ages 7-14 to showcase their talents in pitching, hitting and running with scores based on distance, accuracy and times. “It’s a great event and the kids are learning about the major skills and the fundamentals of the game of baseball, said Zach Robison, Recreation Coordinator of the Department of Athletics & Leisure Services”.