The Mesquite Republican Women recently elected a new board. From left is Janey Castro, President, Rose Fox, 2nd Vice-President, Darlene Nelson, Secretary, Sherrie Hamilton, 1st Vice-President and Ruth Riley, Treasurer, not shown. Photo submitted.

Mesquite Republican Women held their monthly meeting the second Wednesday of this month, March 8, with Barbara Ellestad, editor of the Mesquite Local News and member of the Water Board, addressing members on a variety of concerns to Mesquite citizens. She talked about Gold Butte and the chances of President Trump rescinding the order to make it a National Monument, which she felt to be slim and none. Since 1904, once land has been declared a National Monument, the designation has not changed except to add more land.

She spoke briefly about women’s rights and on the advantages of Mesquite becoming a Charter city and dispelled the rumor that by so doing taxes would increase.

Ellestad is a favorite speaker among MRW members. Next month newly elected city council member Brian Wursten will be the featured speaker.

Mesquite Republican Woman is a local club which is affiliated with the Nevada Federation of

Republican Women as well as the National Federation of Republican Women. They are each grassroots political clubs empowering women of all ages in the political process by promoting education along political lines.

MRW meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Veteran’s Center at 5:30.

Recently a new board was installed with Janey Castro, President, Sherrie Hamilton, 1st vice-president, Rose Cox 2nd vice-president, Darlene Nelson, secretary and Ruth Riley, treasurer.