Shirley Smith (11000 Lakes Photography)

“My Way, Through My Eye using Transformed Photographic Art”

Shirley Smith utilizes her digital camera to capture and the computer to enhance moments in time around our beautiful country. Her expertise in digital photography allows her to share these moments and feelings with you, the viewer. Please enjoy her fine art images that record the world around us by remembering and sharing memories from your own life.

Smith took up the study and hobby of photography in 2012 upon a request from Bruce, her husband and she has not looked back to ‘life before camera’. Prior to photography, Smith worked in the pharmaceutical industry in quality assurance. The move to Southern Utah in December 2013 opened up a whole new world of places to go to, see, and record! Her goal is to be able to capture them all with her camera! Smith’s only regret—Should have moved here sooner!

Smith is currently shooting with a Nikon D800e and a Nikon 3300 (for hiking), plus various lenses. Not only is her work on display at the Mesquite Fine Art Gallery but she has participated in exhibitions at the Rochester (NY) Contemporary Art Center, Dixie State University (UT), Red Cliff Gallery (UT) and various venues in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Smith is the President of the Color Country Camera Club (St George, UT) and an active member of the Southern Utah Artists Guild and Virgin Valley Artists Association.