Mr. Mitchell, court law, even Supreme Court judgments, CAN NOT overrule the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence when it is in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land, that same original Constitution. With the article in the local paper, however, I must take issue with your opinion.

The Declaration specifically states in the 3rd paragraph that it is the DUTY to replace a tyrannical federal government dictatorship which no longer follows the Constitution, and that document specifically limits jurisdiction of the federal government to 10 miles square for its seat of government (Washington DC). It allows the feds to lease or rent state public land for military or needful purposes such as post offices, but only with the permission of that state’s legislature, and only for as long as use is in accordance with the Constitution.

The federal government may purchase land which is then termed a “TERRITORY”, such as the Louisiana Purchase, and may exercise jurisdiction over that land, but is then REQUIRED to cede that land and jurisdiction at no cost to the state when statehood is recognized. IMPORTANT NOTE: a territory is NOT synonymous with a state. Additionally, the 2nd Amendment states that NO law shall infringe on the right to bear arms, and the 1st Amendment in like fashion protects freedoms of speech, religion and assembly to address grievances. The 2nd Amendment was included, not for hunting or defense, but to protect the 1st Amendment. So, following these precepts of the founding fathers, the Bundys are in the right, and the federal government (in this case, the BLM) is the criminal. Don’t just read the Constitution and Declaration, STUDY them to find out what they REALLY say!

The Antiquities Act of 1906 is unconstitutional, as is any legislation promulgated by either the federal or a state government which is contrary to any part of the Constitution of the united states.  If you will Google the Act of 1871, you will find that a substitute for the original Constitution was placed into law, essentially without the knowledge of the People. That fact has come to light in the last 25 years, and it would be good if you were aware of that if you are going to write articles such as the one appearing in the Mesquite Local News on 11/10/2016. Ignorance of the facts may be permissible in ordinary conversation, but not for publication to the general population. R.A.D.

Robert A. Deihl

Mesquite, NV