Dear Editor,

Regarding the effort to stop smoking in the casinos issue that is happening in our community of which I approve, I say it is ridiculous that this is even an issue at all! It is 2016 people! We have known for decades that this causes cancer and many, many other health problems and deaths in this country. Why wasn’t this stopped years ago? I’ll tell you why… greed, plain and simple! Every other business other than bars has stopped allowing smoking in this country. Only 15 percent of the population now smoke per the CDC. As for the casinos in this state, why are you catering to these people? Do you have so little concern for the other 85 percent that you are willing to risk their health so you can keep your bottom line? If so, I think it’s about time for either a nationwide law banning smoking inside all public buildings, or a boycott on all casinos until they come together and agree to ban smoking in their buildings for the health of all nonsmokers. Obviously, they are relying on a lot more than 15 percent of the population to keep them open so we’ll see how they handle a big drop in their revenue. Through social media we could call for a national or local boycott for 1 day or however many it takes for them to get the message that we are serious and want this to happen. Obviously, the legislators who are beholden to the tobacco lobbyists and casino donations to their campaigns, are not interested in helping us… so I guess we must do it ourselves!

Sherry Hunt

Mesquite, NV