To Whom It May Concern,


I wish to inform businesses throughout the Mesquite area of a recent scam that has been revealed at our school district and may be affecting other schools and businesses in Mesquite. Last week our Beaver Dam High School office manager received a call from a local Mesquite business about a phone call the business received. The scammer on the other end asked her business to support a donation for the Beaver Dam School so that they could produce a sports poster for our school. The local Mesquite business employee asked what the business name and phone number was as they wanted to contact our school first to verify that this was legitimate prior to donating funds.


After contacting our school, she found out that this was indeed a scam. In fact, when we tried calling the phone number that was given out, it was not a real phone number. Unfortunately, this has happened on several occasions to our school district. Therefore, I want to spread the word about this scam. If any Mesquite businesses are contacted about donations for the Beaver Dam Schools (Littlefield Unified School District 9), please do not provide any funds. Instead, phone us at 928.347.5252 or 928.347.5486 to verify the authenticity of the donation request. You may wish to *69 the number as well in order to verify the phone number making the call and record it in the event we need to turn this information over to local authorities.


School districts such as ours have been so fortunate to be the recipient of donations from many generous businesses and community members, so when someone tries to exploit these trusting and much needed relationships, we must do everything in our power to expose and stop them.


Respectfully submitted,

Lael L. Calton, Superintendent

Littlefield Unified School District 9