All political candidates are required to file periodic campaign contribution and expense reports with the Nevada Secretary of State. The latest report was due Oct. 18 for the period June 10 through Oct. 14 with cumulative information since Jan. 1.

Here’s a look at those reports for four local races in the Mesquite area.

Mesquite Mayor

The incumbent Allan Litman received the most contributions and spent the most compared to his opponent Arthur Pereida. Litman took in $4,850 with $2,500 coming from Dotty’s Taverns and $1,000 coming from DNR Holdings who owns Deep Roots medical marijuana dispensary in Mesquite. Litman spent $2,028 mostly on signs and media advertising. He donated $250 to the Southern Nevada Symphony.

Pereida did not receive any contributions during any of reporting periods and lists only $165 in expenses citing himself as the recipient.

Mesquite City Council

Two of the six candidates for council were self-funded and did not list contributions from any outside sources. Dave Ballweg spent $6,695, mostly in media advertising and paid for all of it himself. Brian Wursten shows $592 in expenses, all paid by himself.

Two more candidates came close to self-funding their campaigns. Incumbent George Rapson showed a total of $3,003 in contributions with $2,102 coming out of his own pocket and $900 more in contributions less than $100 each. He spent $2,102 mostly in media advertising. Dave West reported $950 in contributions with $600 from his own pocket. His report showed an in-kind cash contribution from Cliff Gravett for $250 spent on a meet-and-greet event. He listed his expenses at $929.

Sitting Councilwoman Cindi Delaney reported a cumulative total of $3,669 in cash contributions with DNR Holdings giving $2,000, 333 Eagles Landing donating $400; her husband Ronnie Delaney adding $350 and Betty Haines using a $250 in-kind donation for a meet-and-greet. Delaney reported $2,677 in expenses with most of it going towards signs and media advertising.

The most confusing reports were filed by candidate Mike Benham. His Oct. 18 report listed a cumulative $1,225 in contributions and $683 in expenses. However, all reports list donations of $100 from Marianne Ksionska, $427 from himself and $125 from Martin’s Painting LLC for a total of $652. Benham had filed a previous report showing a $1,000 contribution from William Mitchell which was later amended to delete the donation. All three reports show expenses of $332, $95, $125, $158 and $400 which totals $1,110.

Virgin Valley Water District

Incumbent Virgin Valley Water District Board member Sandra Ramaker reported the most contributions and the biggest expenses in any of the local races. She received cash contributions from Wolf Creek GC of $1,865; Pulte Homes gave $500; Elaine Hurd donated $250; Robert Shively gave her $250; and Anne Hunt contributed $100. Ramaker reported In-Kind cash contributions from Wolf Creek GC worth $800; Conestoga GC at $2,857; Palms & CasaBlanca GC for $320; Falcon Ridge GC at $400; and AB Printing at $1,000. Ramaker listed cash expenses in excess of $100 at $3,012, In-kind expenses in excess of $100 at $5,377 and expenses of $100 or less at $1,259. Even though details of In-kind expenses in excess of $100 are required to be listed separately on the report, Ramaker failed to show the individual listings for the $5,377 she reported.

Travis Anderson, Ramaker’s opponent showed no contributions at all on any of his reports. He listed $219 in expenses, all for political signs.

Overton Power District #5

Incumbent Judy Metz who’s running for re-election to the OPD Board of Trustees did not report any contributions on any of her reports. She listed $1,553 in expenses mostly for advertising.

David Bennett who is running against Metz showed a total of $550 in contributions with $500 of that donated by Joe Bowler. He listed his expenses at $316. That information came from the first two reports each candidate was required to file. Bennett did not file a third report by the Oct. 18 deadline as he was required to do.