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Election Results 2014

Board Member, Virgin Valley Water District – Mesquite
(Vote for three)
Barbara Ellestad, 2,491, 26.58 percent
Sandra Ramaker, 2,185, 23.31 percent
Robert “Bubba” Smith, 2,010, 21.44 percent
Ted Miller, 1,554, 16.58 percent
Larry Kepler, 1,133, 12.09 percent

Trustee, Overton Power District 4, Bunkerville
Robert Bunker, 196, 67.82 percent
Michael Wilson, 93, 32.18 percent

Trustee Overton Power District 5, Mesquite
Mike Young, 2,500, 69.56 percent
Jim Pugh, 1,094, 30.44 percent

Trustee Overton Power District 6, Mesquite
Douglas Waite, 1,852, 51.40 percent
David Ballweg, 1,751, 48.60 percent

Trustee Overton Power District 7, Mesquite At Large
Judy Metz, 2,140, 34.29 percent
Bill Hurd, 2,093, 33.54 percent
Shawn Hughes, 1,252, 20.06 percent
Steven Miller, 756, 12.11 percent

Constable, Mesquite Township
Duane Thurston, 3,757, 100 percent

Constable, Bunkerville Township
Erik Laub, 270, 100 percent


This year’s election saw a rather disappointing low turnout for Nevada, and nationwide. According to www.silverstateelection.com, this is what the numbers looked like for Nevada:

2014 General Election Total

Active Registered Voters1,213,193
Election Day Turnout247,086 (20.36%)
Early Turnout266,495 (21.96%)
Absentee Turnout38,799 (3.19%)
Total Turnout552,380 (45.51%)

While Freshman Congressman Steven Horsford clearly won in Clark County with 52,899 votes (to Hardy’s 50,989 votes), he was defeated overall by Assemblyman Cresent Hardy, who won with 63,435 votes statewide. Horsford’s overall numbers were slightly behind at 59,800.

Chairman Greg Walden’s Statement on Cresent Hardy’s Victory
WASHINGTON – National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden issued the following statement on Cresent Hardy’s victory in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District:

“Cresent Hardy worked tirelessly to earn the support of his fellow Nevadans in the 4th Congressional District. Cresent was a strong candidate and will fight for the issues Nevada voters care about most. I have no doubt Nevadans will be well-represented by Cresent Hardy’s wealth of experience in Congress.

“I congratulate Cresent Hardy on his victory and look forward to working with him in Congress.”

Statement by Senator Reid Congratulating Senator McConnell
Washington, D.C.  – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement congratulating Senator McConnell:

“I’d like to congratulate Senator McConnell, who will be the new Senate Majority Leader. The message from voters is clear: they want us to work together. I look forward to working with Senator McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”