I am so tired of hearing about smoking and lung cancer when in fact there are other reasons to get lung cancer. The EPA estimates one in 15 homes have high levels of radon gas in them. Radon gas is also a cause.

If you were running a legal business would you want someone to tell you how to run it? I think not.

No one is forcing anyone to work in the gaming industry. Most do it because it’s good money and the job is easy and clean.

Yes, I do smoke and will continue. If there would be a smoking ban I would drive to Overton, the reservation or to Las Vegas; I do it once in a while anyway.

If there were a smoking ban here the casinos would lose about $500 a month from me alone. I’m also sure jobs would be lost.

Non-smoking people wouldn’t stop there. There would be a push for more and more bans such as no smoking in public parks, in cars if there are children, in homes where there are children, outside or in public period…there’s no satisfying them.

Last year I was at a casino in Kansas City and it was half smoking, half non-smoking which seemed like a great idea except the non-smoking side was empty. Guess where the gamblers were; yup, on the smoking side.

If non-smokers want to play their nickel, there are several places in Mesquite where they can do that. Smith’s has a small but nice slot room usually empty or a couple of people at most which is open 24 hours; have at it.

I’m sure others feel the way I do but many do not like to rock the boat for some reason. I’m also sure a change in city council could change the law once the so-called leaders we have now are voted out of office. I’m all for one term and out as it is.

Ron Eckels

Mesquite, NV