Many streets now closed off to OHVs (off-highway vehicles) and golf carts may become accessible if the Mesquite City Council approves two ordinances changes being proposed by Mesquite Police Chief Troy Tanner.

“The first thing we want people to understand if these ordinances are approved, is that OHVs and golf carts can only be used to get from Point A to Point B,” Chief Tanner told the Mesquite Local News in an exclusive interview. “And people need to obey all traffic laws as though they were in a regular vehicle.”

The two ordinances will allow OHVs and golf carts to travel on the street lanes primarily on W. Pioneer Blvd between Falcon Ridge Parkway and Oasis Blvd. “For instance, that will let people in Sun City drive their golf carts from their homes to either the Falcon Ridge golf course or the Oasis golf courses,” Tanner said.

“We want OHVs to use the regular travel lanes because they can go the full speed limit. Golf carts should use the very right curbside lane area and stay out of the regular vehicle lanes since they are much slower than cars and trucks,” he said. “If people live in a golf community they can drive their carts on designated trails or streets; otherwise, the vehicles should stay off sidewalks and not interfere with walkers or runners.”

“Mostly we want people to understand that we are not allowing these vehicles to become a substitute for cars or trucks,” Tanner said. “We want people to respect this privilege. That means you cannot use them to go to the grocery store, the casino, the hotels, or other shopping and dining areas. If you do, we will issue you a warning for the first infraction and a citation for the second offense.”

The ordinance changes will be introduced at the City Council meeting on Oct. 11 and then receive a full public hearing and possible approval at the Oct. 25 council meeting. “Until these ordinances are approved they are not in effect,” Tanner said.

Tanner said that he’s received many requests from people to drive their OHVs and golf carts on previously closed streets and “It’s been a headache enforcing it and explaining the prohibition. This change will allow people to travel the streets they’ve been wanting to travel.”

He reiterated that all of Mesquite and Sandhill Boulevards remain off limits to these vehicles. East Pioneer Boulevard between Oasis and Sandhill Boulevards remains off limits as does Riverside Road between W. Mesquite Blvd and W. Hafen Lane. People can cross the Riverside Road bridge south of Hafen Lane on an OHV or golf cart. Obviously I-15 remains closed to these vehicles also.