Hard Hat Heroes: back left to right: Juan Soto, Yessenia Miramontes, Mick Pitts, Mercedes Juarequi and Katrina Beltran. Front row left to right: Elijah Warren, Lesset Juarez, Crissy Medina and Alexander Beltran.

The eaglets at Beaver Dam Elementary School are encouraged to soar above academics in their education.  They are encouraged to develop attributes which will guide them to responsible and happy adulthood.  That is why students are honored each month as Hard Hat Heroes and Students of the Month.  The Hard Hat Heroes personify the students who know how to get the job done.  They are the “worker bees” who make sure the nest runs smoothly.  They can always be counted upon to help out and work hard.  During the month of January the virtue recognized in the Student of the Month award was “Caring”.  Students who care get their school work done.  They make sure their comments to others reflect thoughtful words which encourage their classmates to do their best.  At home, the caring student makes every effort to be a part of the family team.


The following students were chosen by their teacher to receive the Hard Hat award:  Lesset Juarez and Alexander Beltran (kindergarten), Crissy Medina and Davian Vicuna (first grade), Elijah Warren (second grade), Katrina Beltran (third grade), Mercedes Jauregui and Yessenia Miramontes (fourth grade), Nicholas Pitts (fifth grade), and Juan Soto (sixth grade).


Students of the Month: back row left to right: Esmeralda Sandoval, Maritza Ceja, Lilly Sisson, Ethan Garlick and Corben Allen. Front row left to right: Carla Plancarte, Melanie Moreno, Maleny Lopez and Jacquelin Lopez.

The eaglets selected as the most caring were:  Carla Plancarte and Maleny Lopez (kindergarten), Jacquelin Lopez and Corben Allen (second grade), Esmeralda Sandoval and Maritza Ceja (fourth grade), Ethan Garlick (fifth grade), and Lilly sisson (sixth grade).