7 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Cats- by Joseph Young



Cat owners know a lot about their pets. They know all the odd spots where their cat likes to sleep and the safe places where they hide during thunderstorms.

But we’re willing to bet that the following seven facts are things you never knew about cats — facts even the most ardent cat lover may be surprised to read:

  1. Cats purr without taking a breath. Have you noticed that when your cat starts purring he doesn’t stop to take a breath? That’s because cats can purr while both inhaling and exhaling. They learn that trick when they’re only a week old! Young cats purr in a constant monotone, whereas older cats purr in a couple of resonant tones.
  2. Cats can’t taste sweetness. The taste buds on a cat’s tongue don’t detect sweet flavors, which is why most cats turn their nose up at pastries and cake. Given the fact that chocolate can be poisonous to cats — like with dogs — this lack of an affinity for sweets may be a good thing.
  3. Cats can’t see in the dark, but they see well in low light. Cats can’t see in absolute dark any more than humans can, but they can see much better than we can in very low light levels. This ability, which lets cats see about six times better than people at night, is due to the construction of their eyes. Cats’ eyes let in more light and have an extra “mirror” layer behind their retina that amplifies this light.
  4. Cats hear ultrasonic sounds. Cats are also able to hear things we humans cannot, including the extremely high-pitched noises rodents use to communicate. Your cat can listen in on all that ultrasonic mice “talk” and use it to track the pesky devils.
  5. 81 million American cats! Cats are America’s favorite pet, with about 32 percent of U.S. homes owning at least one cat. That beats out dogs which number about 72 million in the United States. By the way, most cats and dogs can learn to live with each other in the same home. This is especially true for pets that were introduced to each other while kittens and puppies.
  6. Cat whiskers are used for measuring. When a cat wants to know whether he can fit through a tight space, he lets his whiskers do the measuring. Whiskers also help cats find their way in the dark, since they can detect very slight wind currents that flow around pieces of furniture or through doorways. For this and humane reasons, you should never cut your cat’s whiskers.
  7. Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door. Maybe he was so busy discovering gravity that he got tired of opening the door for his cat, but it’s true — the famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, designed the very first cat flap door. Pretty good for a day’s work, huh?


Snow is a 5-6 month old pit bull terrier puppy. He Featured Dog: Snow


had a home but they could no longer keep him. Snow loves going for walks and playing in the yard with toys especially tennis balls. He is learning his manners and may be housetrained although he probably did not spend all his time inside the home, He loves people and seems not to mind the other dogs when he passes them in their cage. White and gray with flakes of gray throughout his coat. He will be a big boy when grown.


Other available dogs: At this time there are no other dogs for adoption. Check for new dogs at www.mesquiteanimalshelter.petfinder.com

Featured Cat- Luna


Luna came to the shelter from a multi cat home. She is a beautiful white and gray long haired lady Although she has lived with other cats she will need to be introduced to new cats that come into her life as the other cats were her family. She loves attention and brushing. she has a quiet almost whisper like meow.


Other available cats:

Dino has come out of his shell and loves people and attention. He is gaining weight and filling out nicely. Will come when called. He needs a quiet home please.


Lindy- 6 month old kitten. Very friendly and playful. She loves being with people and being cuddled. Full of kitten energy.


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