People of all ages have had their heart broken during some part of their life, suffering from sadness or despair feelings… can be quite challenging for most. We all deal with our feelings in different ways, but a broken heart is painful, no matter what the cause. Usually, pain is caused from a loss that meant a lot to the individual; such as someone they loved, or something of value lost, or maybe someone else’s suffering which can affect feelings. No matter the cause, it’s clearly a grieving process, and will take time.

Beginning with the matter at hand, it’s important to acknowledge it, and find a way to let it go. These words are a lot harder to do than it sounds (I know). Depending on the matter, I have always believed that counseling is an option, as it offers an unbiased opinion or thoughts. The ability to share those intimate feelings with someone can sometimes shed a bit of light on the subject. I read somewhere; those that suffer from broken hearts have a tendency to relive it over and over again. I chuckled as I read these words, but I knew in my heart…this is true. It’s difficult when it changes the course of your life, and it’s imperative that you seek individuals to help get you through this difficult time, cheering you on as you look forward, keeping supportive people close to you. It takes strength, faith and courage as you approach each new day, not to mention… love. You must be open hearted and truthful with your feelings, which honestly is unavoidable in order to heal. I once wrote an article on ‘The Art of Letting Go’ and I find myself rereading this at times.

Finding new activities to get involved in, rather than sticking to old ones (which might keep the reminders going), should rank at the top of your list. Making changes and breaking old habits also should be a priority. Many of us have tendencies to stick with familiar things, places and people…but we must try to engage in making new friends, visiting unfamiliar places, and putting yourself out there, so-to-speak; New beginnings brings a transformation of ones’ self. Look at this as an opportunity to view things in your life differently than before, and watch new doors open. Changing the way you think is necessary, especially when your happiness and inner soul become stuck in the grieving process; this happens more times than not. It’s vital to not let your past define who you are. Everyone has the opportunity to do all of these things mentioned here. Emotions are real, and feeling broken-hearted (sad) will continue, unless you try to understand what your emotions are telling you, from the depth of your inner self. Let’s say… your cell phone keeps ringing and you don’t answer …so how will you know what someone is trying to tell you?… metaphorically speaking; pay attention and listen to your heart, your feelings and change the way you think, we are all human. Being human means you have the ability to be aware in life, caring about what’s going on, feeling compassion for others, aware of your own feelings (pain, happiness, etc.) and not being indifferent to others, the world we live in, and everyday problems we all face. Don’t let your heart get hard, embrace what you have in life and be open-minded…and remember…we are all a work in progress.

Make your week count.